Russian Clinic in London offers highly effective natural intensive complementary alternative treatments, therapies and remedies which are not available on NNS.



Alternative Health Treatments and Doctor Konstantin Ivanov


Dr Konstantin Ivanov or Dr Chris as he known in London offers very effective, intensive, quick medical treatments and complementary alternative therapies:


  1. Health Analysis – Iridology and Quantum Magnetic Bio–Resonance Health Diagnosis;
  2. Osteopathy – Manual Therapy – Thai massage;
  3. Lumbar Discs Decompression – Traction;
  4. Electro – Acupuncture; Acupressure;
  5. Electrophoresis – electrical impulse therapy;
  6. Ultra-Sonic therapy;
  7. Massage;
  8. Bio-Lamp;
  9. Far – Infra Red Lamp;
  10. UV – Lamp;
  11. Cold Laser Therapy;
  12. Ozone therapy;
  13. Electro – Auriculo-therapy (Ear acupuncture);
  14. Air Compression Leg Massage;
  15. Shiatsu- acupressure massage;
  16. Mind over Matter Technique;
  17. Counselling;
  18. Distant help.




Dr Chris is a warm and skilful healer, everyone who comes into contact with him departs recharged and invigorated by his kindness, skill and words of wisdom.


Why not try our effective and quick natural treatment?


Our Complementary Alternative Medicine Treatments can relieve or stop your suffering.

Russian Clinic in London provides number of effectively combined hi-tech modern medical therapies and ancient natural healing methods.

Every each therapy is skilfully combined to give you a very special, designed and successful treatment.

Number of natural complementary alternative therapies taken together can give you a great result after very first visit to Dr Chris.

Do not wait until disease strikes!

We speak Russian, Polish and English.


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Our natural complementary alternative treatment has been proven to be successful in a wide range of health problems and diseases associated with pain and dysfunction of organs.



Thai massage and osteopathy natural health treatment in London Natural Clinic.


Having regular complementary alternative therapies and treatments can help you to stay healthy, young and energetic for years and they are very beneficial for preventing debilitating diseases as well.


Our effective complementary alternative therapies are aimed to:

  • Stop your pain and suffering;
  • Enhance immunity;
  • Clean your blood vessels and increase your blood circulation;
  • Relieve and prevent physical dysfunction;
  • Develop and maintain your physical function;
  • Clear and relax your mind;
  • Improve your muscle tone and joints flexibility;
  • Improve your lymph circulation;
  • Help with fluid balance;
  • Deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your organs and limbs;
  • Eliminate toxins from you body;
  • Speed up digestion;
  • Rejuvenate your skin;
  • Relax your tensed muscles;
  • Reduce stress and anxiety;
  • Ease the discomfort of sore, tight muscles;
  • Give you overall feeling of well-being.


This integrative health treatment speeds up the natural healing process in your body and improves recovery time for any disease no matter what the symptoms are.

It helps to combat serious illness and incurable diseases as well.

Do not wait until You fall seriously ill !



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