What our clients say


Personal stories and Testimonials


Here are some Personal stories and Testimonials from different people of all ages and backgrounds whom  Konstantin Ivanov/Dr Chris has been able to help and dramatically changed their health and lives with his unique alternative holistic approach.


For more than twenty years of practice, Dr Chris’s integrated intensive treatments and complementary alternative medicine along with specialized medical equipment have created miracles of full recovery for thousands of his patients.  




“Absolutely Marvellous! There should be a prescription for such effective treatment on the NHS!

IBS much improved and tinnitus gone most of the time”

Mr George B. 56, Essex



Chest Pain

“It is so inspiring to be living my life free of pain”.
Mr William H. 75, London



Headache, Stomach Pain, Insomnia

“I have been coming to the London Natural Clinic of Konstantin Ivanov for 15+ years and unreservedly recommend it to anyone seeking alternative treatments and invaluable support.”

Mrs Stephania R, 62, London




“I have visited practitioner Chris at London Natural Clinic.

He has improved my health (and life!) significantly.

Many thanks.”

Ms Jane R. 45, London




“My mother called Dr Konstantin Ivanov when I have been in intensive care unit at St. Gorge Hospital after a car accident. I was in coma for six weeks. Doctors told my mother that they have done all the best what they could and we should just wait for improvement.

They explained the mother that my brain was damaged very severely and if I survived it could leave me being paralysed for a life.

The mother was prepared for the worse, when she heard about Dr K Ivanov and decided to ask him for a help as a last resort.

Amazingly, after a first treatment in two days time my brain started to function and I was able to communicate with the mother and doctors at hospital.

Now seven months later, I can walk by myself and can do some work on a computer.

Thank you very much Dr Konstantin for saving my life and helping me to overcome  paralysis”

Mr Alexander T. 34, London




“I am seeing Konstantin today for a follow-up appointment for my son’s skin condition.

It’s like a miracle – within ten days of treatment he was like a different child.

Thank you so much for your help.

Lovely clinic.

Ms Fiona S. 40, Essex



Epilepsy, Heart Pain, Kidneys and Bladder Problems

“My husband, myself and other family members have been seeing Dr Chris for 12 years. We have been greatly helped and inspired by him.

The London Natural Clinic is a delightful, peaceful place.”

Mrs Susanna & Mr Peter H. London



Stomach Pain

’I first used the London Natural Health Clinic 4 years ago when my quality of life was badly affected by stomach problems I had suffered with for years. I was given some simple dietary advice which I followed alongside regular treatment at the clinic and within 2 weeks my stomach healed tremendously, my energy levels increased and I felt amazing!

The treatment and advice I received was so valuable – I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone.’

Ms. Rita V. 33, London



Menopause syndromes

’I first tried Chris’s intensive treatment when I was experiencing the unpleasant side effects of the menopause. The results were truly remarkable. I don’t know what I would have done without this surprisingly gentle treatment. Since then I have been having seasonal ’top-ups’ which keep me healthy and energised.

Highly recommended.’

Mrs Angie F. 49, Essex



Headache, Migraine

’This is my third treatment and the difference in me is incredible. I feel much lighter, clear-headed and more grounded in my emotions. It is inspiring me to take much more responsibility for how I treat myself.

I highly recommend this for anyone who needs to ’unblock’.’

Ms Lora B. 36, Kent



Depression, Fatigue

’Thank you so much for an amazing treatment! I can’t believe I am feeling the great difference already. I feel lighter and bouncy! I am really looking forward to making the right changes to my diet, as you have advised, and feeling much happier and healthier all round. I will come back again.

Thank you.’

Ms Barbara K. 32, London



Migraine, Stomach Pain, Weight Problem

“I have been seeing Dr Chris for a while now. He is wonderful and has helped me on many levels – physical, emotional… I feel transformed through his insight, knowledge and remedies. I really look forward to my visit, I always make new discoveries about myself.

Thank you very much.”

Beatrice W.35, London



Stress, Chest and Heart Pain

“Chris is the best practitioner I have ever seen – he has so many different skills and works very intuitively.

I feel so much better and understanding my body so much more as a result of his treatments.”

Mr Calvin H. 45, London



Frozen Shoulder

’Chris sorted my frozen shoulder where everything else had failed. A top surgeon had told me I needed surgery to free a tendon that had been trapped for two and a half years.

Great work! 

Thank you so much.’

Mr Thomas N. 36, London



Post Operation Problems

’Five years after an operation to remove a non malignant growth from my scalp I still suffered from a tight and often unbearably itchy scalp, particularly over the area of scarring. I also lived with a feeling of my head being permanently cold, particularly at night. Incredibly it only took four visits to stop the symptoms. My scalp no longer itches, there is no tension and my head feels as if I am wearing a warm woolly hat and I have the added benefit of my hair looking like a shampoo advert, thick and glossy!

Thank you’

Mr Andy S. 52, London



Hips and Shoulders Problems

’I love to dance and like many dancers sometimes overwork both my hips and shoulders. I have had ongoing problems with both and though physiotherapy helped I found the problem always came back. A friend recommended Dr Chris treatment, I could not believe that it could be so effective.

I feel better now than I have for years and it has also given me a new energy and excitement in life – amazing!’

Mrs Monica H. 43, London



High Blood Pressure, Hands and Knees Pain

’Dear Konstantin, I would like to thank you for your treatment which has led to much improvement in my general health. When I first came to you, my symptoms included high blood pressure, pains in the hands and knees (doctors said not arthritis) and lots of headaches.

With your help I have cut out prescription tablets for water retention and anti-inflammatory pills and reduced high blood pressure pills by half.

I have been so pleased to see such speedy improvement after being on medication for some 8 years. Thank you!’

Mr Patrick J. 67, London



Low Back Injury

“I injured my back doing construction. Rather than collect disability, I was constantly taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs so I could continue working. When I saw the ad for treating back pain with the new combined therapy system, I was sceptical at first, curious. I decided to give it a try, and to my surprise, it worked like nothing I had ever tried before. After just two weeks of treatment, I felt stronger than I had in years and had the joy of throwing away all of those pain-killing drugs. One of the happiest days in my life is when I discovered there was something that could cure my back pain. That something was your unique very effective combined intensive therapy.

I can not thank you enough for helping me and my family.”

Mr Terry O. 58, Romford



Brain Tumour

“18 months ago I was diagnosed as having a tumour on the brain. I lost consciousness periodically and always suddenly about 12 times daily. I needed permanent supervision.

An operation was offered and it seemed inevitable. My sister who works as a nurse in hospital learnt the complications patients have after surgical procedure on a brain. Before undergo the operation she persuaded me first to try Konstantin’s natural energy healing which I grabbed as a last resort. Ten months have passed by now. My health is very different.
I have not fainted anymore. I can go out alone without fear of falling down. My last check up showed that the tumour has diminished to half its size. I feel safe, confident and calm now. I am sure I will be healthy completely thanks to Dr Chris’ efforts.  Thank You so much!  It is like having my life back and I could not wish for more.”

Mr Arthur R, 35, Bradford



Back problem

“With a diagnosis of four herniated lumbar discs with stenosis, Dr Chris developed an individual decompression program to treat me. It involved the use of the revolutionary decompression device, hands on therapy, bio-electrophoresis with natural remedy, ultrasound, bio-lamp, laser therapy, electro-acupuncture along with home exercises. After two months it feels great to function on a daily basis without severe pain in my lower back and hip.”

Mr Derek R. 58, Essex



Fibromyalgia, Headache

“Very comfortable with the doctor.

Dr Chris is always understanding and listens to my needs!’’
Mrs Barbara M. 57 years old, London



Knees and Back Problems

“Very happy with overall treatment’’
Mr Jeffrey E. 65, Essex



Stress, Neck and Shoulders Pain

“Very happy with results.

Always achieve the desired results’’
Mrs Eva A. 43, London

Backache, Sciatica, Arthritis

“First I would like to thank you for seeing me at such very short notice. I was in great pain, and no pills could relieve my symptoms. I decided to try your treatment. And after just one session, I was able to go to work the next day and serve 14 hours of my duties as restaurant manager.

I have great hope that you will cure me of all my pains, aches, infections and particularly my arthritis. I am going to cancel the hip replacement operation which is to be in six months.If it is all right with you I would like to recommend you to my friends and other people who suffer from any illnesses and pains. Thank you very much again for taking me as your patient and I will see you for our next appointment.”

Mr David W, 38, London



Heart Problem, Swollen Legs

“Questions are answered patiently and fully.

Treatment given in a professional, caring manner.

Great results’’
Mrs Svetlana B. 76, Manchester



Stress, Headache

“Excellent service.

Very happy with results, friendly and courteous and have recommended to friends!”
Mrs Amanda S. 38, London



Joints Problem, Indigestion

“I have visited Chris on a number of occasions for various different treatments including joints and indigestion. He is always really friendly and you get a really nice feel about the place. Each time I have under gone treatments I have had a full consultation with an excellent explanation as to how the treatment will be carried out etc…. Throughout each treatment I have been talked through what’s happening and why. After the treatment you are given all the aftercare advice you should need and are never made to feel that you are rushed in and out! I have under gone similar treatments at other clinics in London and the service at London Natural Clinic is by far the best.

I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.”

Ms Clare D, 37, London



Stomach Problem, Asthma

“Very professional and approachable.

Excellent service and very understanding as well as trustworthy.

Thank you.”
Mr Alan M. 45, London



Shortness of breath after a heart by-pass operation 10 years ago

“Due to circumstances of a personal nature I found myself in a desperate neurotic situation. I could not stand any noise, I could not listen to the radio or television, and I could not even listen to most of the people I knew. Everything was irritating me. I could not go out because of shortness of breath. Also I had a constant buzzing in my left ear. My doctor’s pills did not help. This neurotic condition affected my heart.

I suffered from palpitation, arrhythmia, and pain in my chest. Two years ago I had by-pass operation on my heart but my condition is not any better then before.

You have attended me twice and through your special treatment I have experienced a total return to normality.

I am very grateful to you, that you can use your gift and help people.”

Mr. Henry J, 70 years, London



Stress, Back Problem

“Dr. Chris is nice & friendly and made me feel welcome and relaxed. I am very pleased and enjoy coming to you. All aspects of my health were discussed beforehand and it was very professional. The massage, spine correction, electro acupuncture and bio-electricity were excellent – the best treatment I have had done! Also the hours you are open are great.

Keep up the good work – thanks!” 

Ms Nadia G. 32, London




“I was paralysed for two years and I could not sleep or walk. All day I was sitting in the front room and watching life through the window. I have had just three sessions and now I can sleep well, I do shopping by myself, I can visit my friends. I am glad that I am an independent person. The past five weeks I have enjoyed life again. I am grateful to you.”

Mrs. Maria P, 64, Manchester



Stomach Pain

“Fantastic!! Thanks I feel already better – I will be back next Monday.”
Ms Miranda Z. 30, London



Liver Problem

“After receiving a treatment from Dr. Chris for my liver I had immediate relief. The same evening I realised that Chris had straightened out a large lump and swelling that I had at the bottom of my ribcage from right side. I have not had as many stomach pain or tension in this area since then. Thanks very much Chris.”
Mr Max M. 43, London



Neck, Shoulders and Back Problem

“As a martial artist I walked in from the street feeling sore in my neck shoulders and back. After a 60 minute treatment I left feeling like a new man! Excellent relief – highly recommended.”
Mr Steven M. 31, London



Swollen Ankles and Feet

“I had been suffering from swelling which affected my ankles, feet and heels. I wasn’t even able to walk or have a bath on my own. My ankles and feet were black red, constantly itching. I have faced a possible amputation because of inflammation of the blood.

This nasty condition had lasted for more than twenty years until a friend of mine told me about your treatment. So I had 35 sessions with you and I am glad to inform you that my illness has completely gone.

I am now able to lead a normal life, walk where I want, have baths when I want. I don’t need any nursing at all. Now I keep diet and do exercise as you advised me. I want to thank you and will highly recommend you to people who suffer from conditions like mine.”

Mr John F, 82, London




“My migraine started with a severe headache about 7 years ago. It was so terrifying experience that I was scared for my job, family and future. I had a splitting headache for 5-7 days. All that time I was lying down in a dark quiet room and crying with helplessness. Pills, compresses, massages and acupuncture were tried but nothing could relieve my continuous unbearable pain.

I had my sessions every fortnight for five months and since then I have not had migraine any more. I believe it is gone. Now I can plan my future without fear of my disorder. Thank you for your kindness and patience in curing people like me.”

Mrs Vera S. 40-years old, Bradford




“My son has had asthma for 6 years. He was always unwell and weak. He could catch a cold any time of year. He had to carry an inhaler and was constantly dependant on it.He was often sent to Ealing Hospital when his health condition suddenly deteriorated.

Since my son was healed by Dr Chris his state has improved. For the last 5 months he has been able to play, run, do physical exercise at school without terrible attacks of asthma.

For the last 2 months my son did not use the inhaler. We keep doing all exercise, which Dr Chris recommended and I am happy now to see my son healthy and strong.”

Chris K. 10 years-old, London






Dr Chris and his unique alternative holistic approach with mobile “Instant Health Analysis” and Health Checks in London on a street  at 19th August in 2011




Prostate problem

Words can’t express the gratitude I feel for the way that you have helped me. Even though I’m very fit and active in my retirement, I started to find that my prostate problems were causing me a lot of discomfort and embarrassment. I could not be able to control or hold my bladder.

My GP helped me as he could but medicine did not work and he told me that this problem would be with me for the rest of my life. I was recommended to buy some incontinence underwear. So, not being at all prepared to accept this advice, I started to look for another solution, and that’s when a friend told me about your treatment.

So I started to take your sessions, do special exercise, change my diet, and the results have been simply remarkable. After just a few weeks the need to urgently urinate just disappeared, and I was able to start living a normal life again without any of the worries of incontinence.

Now several months later, I feel that my prostate is completely back to normal, and I am confident to go where I want.

Mr. William B. 69 years of age, Essex



Varicose Veins

“After 5 treatments my condition is greatly improved. I was very impressed, my bulging varicose veins disappeared. Now I can work long hours free of terrible pain. I get more energy and can sleep well. The treatment and ideas about how to help the problem in the future, including exercises, were very helpful.”

Mr Serge B. 48, Kent



Indigestion, Stomach Cramps

“Very friendly and relaxing atmosphere and a reassurance of total professional standard of treatment.”

Ms Anna H. 29, London



Neck Problem, Stress

“Being able to book a treatment at the last minute was great!”

“It was very relaxing and the treatment solved my neck problem.”

Ms Karina N. 33, Essex



Colon tumour

I felt that I must write about the fantastic results that Dr Chris’s intensive therapy has given to me. When I first heard of this therapy, I must say that I was very sceptical that it could help me. I had a tumour in my colon. My bowel movement was very painful with blood, mucus and quite frequent about 5-7 times a day. I waited for an operation which has to take place in 3 months from there.

Luckily, my husband insisted in seeing Doctor Konstantin Ivanov. After first session I already felt better. The pain in my bowel became less and I slept better. It was a hope that I overcome the terrible illness. I took on board all Dr Konstantin’s recommendation on what to eat and how to eat to be healthy. I started cook vegetables. I eliminated junk food from my diet. I did exercise on my stomach.

The most impressive was Dr Chris great result.

It was so effective that it restored my health.

The tumour had gone completely.

I am happy, I feel  more energetic and positive now.

Mrs. Tatiana F. 52 years old, London



Heart problem

Thank you so much for your treatment and the difference that it has made to my heart condition.  I had got a very unpleasant pain in my chest especially after any physical effort. I couldn’t do my job properly as a carpenter, I gave up exercising at the local gym, I couldn’t sleep at nights, my digestion got upset.

I have been afraid of having a heart attack. Some medications have been effective first, but after few months they would lost their positive effect on me.

It is third month now as I started to have your treatments every week. The result is amazing! I don’t feel any chest pain now. My sleep is good. I go to the gym again. It is great that you can help people when other treatments can’t!          

Mr. Oscar D. 48 years old, London



Stomach Pain, Indigestion

“My first visit was in Feb ’09. My second is now – one year after the initial treatment. Well done. I have tried various therapies, reiki, acupuncture, deep tissue massage, but this treatment is truly the only one what has any long term relief and the most beneficial. This has helped me so much.

Thank you Chris.

I will be highly recommending the clinic to family and friends.”
Ms Celine V. 35, London



Headache, Migraine

“After my first session with Dr Chris my head was noticeably better after pain for about 6 months.

I will definitely be signing up for regular treatments.

Thank you Chris!”
Ms Katie B. 23, Essex



Hip Problem

“I came with a hip problem that was considered needed to be replaced by a consultant. Chris worked on this problem and within a month of starting treatment I was able to walk a considerable distance with no pain what so ever.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone before having a joint replaced.”
Mrs Grace L. 70, Essex



Stress, Insomnia

“Must try to come every week! One treatment helps my muscles relax.

Repeated treatments and I sleep well.

Have more energy, I am generally more relaxed, focused and efficient.

Mr Jimmy S. 34, London



Heart Pain

“Just called into to say a big ‘thank you’ to Chris. After 2 months of treatment my heart suddenly improved. Fantastic treatment.

Many thanks again.”
Mrs Catherine M. 58, London



Vision problem

Since being diagnosed with retinal detachment four years ago, I have tried most of the available drugs and a great many natural remedies too. I was told by my Doctor that the retina became partially detached from the underlying choroid layer, which would result in loss of vision in two years time. Three years ago I begun to have treatments with Doctor Konstantin Ivanov. His treatments included remedial compresses, ultra sonic therapy, bio-lamp, electro-impulse and later laser therapy.

My vision is still all right and getting even better. I manage to maintain it perfectly well.

I can easily read papers and books, I drive a car, though not at the night.

Thank you very much. Keep up the good work!

Mr. Leonard L. 84 years old, Essex



High blood pressure, Headache, Fatigue

I don’t fully understand how your Bio-energy works, but I really felt I must write to tell you just how much it has helped me over the last twelve months. I must have tried more than 10 other complementary therapies, a lot of natural medicine and pharmaceutical drugs. Nothing could help me to ease suffering from some psychological and physical problems.

I’ve got very high blood pressure, constant headache and weakness of my muscles.

I was depressed with obsessive thoughts. I lost interest in life and my condition deteriorated as time passed.

My doctor-psychiatrist recommended to see you and try your natural treatment.

I felt better after first session. My sleep was good straight away. My blood pressure went down and stabilized. I learnt to do some mental exercise especially designed by you. Now my concentration and memory improved significantly. My life is meaningful again.

I feel alive, more energetic and can see flowers at the parks again.

Thank you very much, I am very happy with your treatment. 

Ms. Daria S. 33 years old, London



MS – Multiple Sclerosis

My bones and circulation were bad because I could not exercise.

I have multiple sclerosis. I am 58 years old. I have been taking holistic treatments for 3 years now.

Doctor Konstantin Ivanov has helped me to stop the disease and reverse it back.

I can walk around my house now and do a little job in my own.

I highly recommend the unique treatment that Dr Ivanov gives very professionally.

Mr. Harry A.  58 years old, London



Back and Shoulder pain

I was suffering from arthritis in my back and joints. Also I had a terrible pain in my right shoulder due to an accident. Well, ever since I have been taking regular (every week) treatment sessions with Dr Chris, I haven’t had any back or shoulder pain.

The Doctor treats me with massage, osteopathy, electro-acupuncture, anti-inflammatory bio-electro-compress, ultra sonic therapy and bio-lamp. His treatment works really fast.

After taking it for only one month, I feel great improvement. There is no side-effect as with most of the drugs. Now I sleep very well and no longer have back or shoulder pain. I feel very good, great result.

Thank you. 

Mr. Roman D. 41, London




I had got terrible coughs for one and half years. It woke me up few times during the night. I was tired and irritated by such a weak condition of mine. I decided to try alternative treatment because prescribed medicine did not work. A friend of mine recommended a natural born healer Dr Chris.

Within a few days I was aware of having more energy and feeling generally healthier. After just one month the cough stopped completely. My immune system is strong now. I have not had any airborne   infections, such as colds, mouth ulcers and sore throats.

I have recommended Doctor Chris to my friends and all of them happy with the results.

Thank you.

Mrs. Paulina K.  62 years old, London



Headache, Neck pain

I want to put pen to paper to tell you just how impressed I have been by your first-class treatment. Since you visited us three weeks ago all members of my family felt better.  

My mother can walk and she enjoys working and taking care of her flowers in the garden.

My son appears to be calmer and he spends more time focusing on his studies. He says that his concentration and memory improved after the healing.

My headaches and pain in the neck disappeared. Now I sleep very well and no longer have stomach aches!  Thank you very much for your help.

Mrs. Lilia D. 55 years old, London



Arthritis, High Blood Pressure

Doctor Konstantin has been treating me for one year now, and I still can’t get over how many changes have occurred. My blood pressure used to be 170/100; now it is 140/80 and I no longer have heart murmurs. The pain I had from the arthritis in my feet and legs also disappeared.

I am so satisfied with the treatment Dr K Ivanov gives me that I encouraged a friend who was suffering from severe arthritis pain to see him.

My friend told me that the treatment has relieved much of her pain.

I will always be grateful to Dr Konstantin.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Mrs Marina Z. 70 years old, Essex



Lower Back Problem, Disc Protrusion

I have got a lumbar hernia for three and half years during which I went through a great deal of suffering.

I was doubtful at first; but then told myself I would try it.

Thanks to Dr Konstantin Ivanov,  I am no longer in pain for six months. His unique treatment works wonderfully.

I pay more attention to my diet, exercise and my life-style in general.

My health is getting better. I do my job with ease and I my lower back feels comfortable.

A recent X-ray showed that my disc became fine. The X-ray could not detect any lumbar hernia.

I am very happy with the treatment.

Mr. Peter G. 52 years old, Luton



Rheumatoid Arthritis

“I have been treated by K. Ivanov for 5 weeks now and the result is amazing. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for six years. My blood circulation has been very poor with very cold hands, feet and head.

My glands have basically collapsed. Even medication could not help me. My right shoulder and right elbow had frozen up on me to such a point that I could not raise my right arm above my shoulder at all.

So far my head, hands and feet are warm now.

I have a lot more energy and can work all day.

The pain in my shoulder and elbow has been going away over the last few weeks so I can raise my arm above my head.”

Mr. Sergej G. 56 years old, London



Low Back Problem

“I am a car mechanic. I work in bus depot. On 9.September 2005 I lifted a heavy car part and suddenly got a sharp pain in my low back. The very strong pain from my low back went down to the right leg. I could not stand or walk. It was impossible to continue my work. I took a few days off but my condition did not improved. A friend of mine recommended Dr Konstantin Ivanov.

After firs intensive back treatment I could walk and after three sessions I was back to work.

Great results!”

Mr Mick T. 45, London



Heart and Chest Pain

“First class treatment.

Excellent and professional.

Delighted with results.”
Mr Thomas D. 36, London



Back Pain, Sciatica

“I never found anything to work so well for back pain. Dr Chris treatment with the Intensive Spinal Excellence Therapy changed my life  and freed me from the misery of chronic low back condition. The ISET repaired my damaged discs that caused excruciating back pain and sciatica which no one else could repair. The ISET should be used before surgery on NHS.

It has also lowered my need for pain medicines- and that is a good thing.”

Mrs Tatiana W. 55, London



Sciatica and Heel Pain

“This therapy was a godsend! My daily first steps I would “hop” to the bathroom, now I walk with almost NO pain! I would recommend this treatment to anyone with sciatica and heel pain. Thank you!”

Ms Linda D. 40, Essex



Stress, Abdominal Pain

“Really pleasant with results.

Very gentle and professional.

Pleased with results all the time”
Ms Diana P. 32, Surrey



Headache, Sinusitis, Asthma

“I visited your website before my visit and I was impressed by your qualifications – this shone through when I attended the centre. I felt really confident in the ability of my therapist Chris which added to my enjoyment of the treatment and I feel the overall effect of it.

It was a fantastic experience!”

Ms Natalia G. 34, London



Hearing Problem, Tinnitus

 “The ear cleansing and anti- inflammatory bio-electricity treatment helped to unblock my hearing. I would recommend Dr Chris to other people. Thank you.”

Mrs Debbie P. 56, London



Prostate Problem

 “I appreciated Chris’s interest and enthusiasm in resolving my health problem. His unique treatment saved me from a prostate surgery, which was proposed to me by NHS two years ago. There is no terrible cramps, no blood in urine, no leaking tap, no nappies anymore.

Great result, thank you very much!” 

Mr Mark I. 62, Essex



Herniated Disc, Low Back Problem, Stress

“My treatment was outstanding due to the knowledge, skill, dedication and cheerfulness of Dr Chris. The spinal decompression device, manual manipulation, massage, bio-electricity, ultrasound and particularly electro acupuncture were not only enjoyable, but soon freed me of lumbar back pain caused by a herniated disc. By following-up with home exercise instruction, I am getting stronger every day.

I am pleased to enthusiastically recommend Dr Chris’s services at London Natural Clinic with gratitude and without hesitation.”

Mrs Elena F. 57, London


“Chris, thank you, as always after a longish period without treatment and worsening symptoms. Your work on my symptoms (etc) is marvellous. The treatment was painful when you were working on the worst symptoms but I am sure that has begun the healing process as it always has done. Thank you also for (patiently) explaining why problems occur and how I can make a difference. I have been coming a long time and am convinced that my M.S. (and other things perhaps) would be far worse with all that involves.

I can’t thank you enough.”
Mrs Alison F. 44, Italy



Low Back Pain, Sciatica

“I arrived at the clinic with severe lower back pain and was barely able to walk. After just one treatment the pain began to subside and walking became much easier. By the second treatment I had hardly any pain at all, and by the 5th treatment there was NO PAIN remaining. Now, more than two months later, I feel great and I am able to get back to enjoying life!! Thanks again.”

Mr Phil G. 38, London



Headache and Stomach Pain

“I came with unawareness but am leaving enlightened. I only had time in this country for 1 visit but already feel immense relief. I have had years of treatments but nobody has come close to this level of satisfaction. A thorough experience – mind, body and spirit.

I hope our paths cross again.”
Ms Anne S. 49, NY, USA



Swollen Leg, Thrombophlebitis

“After only one session I have been treated on my damaged ankle and in particular my swollen leg which was giving me great pain. The pain and swollenness in my leg have gone and I am able to put on my favourite winter boots and my ankle feels great too. I am very impressed with my first session and have been given some valuable advice to improve my thromboflebitis and other problem areas on a day-to-day basis.

I would highly recommend Chris for anybody with sports related injuries that want to see fast results. Thank you!”
Mrs Hilary V. 52, London



Back Pain, Sciatica

“Thanks to decompression, massage, ultra sonic and laser therapies with Doctor Chris, I have gone from agonizing over the pain from carrying out the trash to enjoying the pleasure of long walks through our various parks.”

Mrs Karolina L. 72 years old, London



Knees Problems

“An excellent service with a very effective treatment. I bought it to my grandmother of 81 and her experience was a positive one, especially bio-lamp and magneto- therapy for knees problem.

She took a few sessions and now she can walk and visit us every week.

Great results.” 

Ms Suzanne X. 29, London



Lower Back Problem

“I’ve had two lumbar disc surgeries in the past, and when problems came up again I wanted another option. When I saw Dr K Ivanov’s advert on decompression using traction, ultrasound, bio-electro stimulation,  acupuncture and bio-lamp,  I decided to try that therapy and I am very pleased with the results.  Doctor Ivanov is very knowledgeable and professional. The decompression, along with learning the proper exercises and techniques of every day activities allowed my back to improve quickly and completely. I am very happy that I made the decision to try Dr Ivanov system.”

Mr Robert E. 63 years old, London



Cough, Arm Pain

“I have had a cough and cold for three weeks and the cough had got so bad I had wrenched my back and was unable to move my left arm without severe pain. After a very intense and effective treatment from Dr Chris my cough, mobility (and mood!) is greatly improved and I can now continue life as normal. My mother has used the practice before and had wonderful results.

I will recommend it to anyone.

Thank you x.”
Mr Tracy W. 34, London



Chest Pain

“I had been looking everywhere for a way of relieving my chest pain, until one day by chance, I met Chris. By pure coincidence he told me he was doing Intensive Excellence Therapy. I had never heard of it before and as I was rally needing a treatment I thought that was the perfect opportunity.

So I want and after the first session I can say that I had never felt that good for quite some time.

It’s simple since then, I didn’t have to worry anymore.

I know where to go if I ever needed a treatment. Lovely and really effective.

I have been recommending it to all my friends.

I am really glad I met Chris and I am really grateful for his great work.

Mr Sam J. 57, London




Back Injury

“As a nurse who suffered a lifting injury and having completed other therapies and procedures, I was informed back surgery was my only other option. I heard about the Intense Spinal Excellence Therapy and though it was worth exploring to avoid the non-reversible efforts of back surgery. The combination of the massage, spine manipulation and stretching, traction, electro-acupuncture, bio-electricity, ultrasound therapy and bio-lamp  have enabled me to avoid surgery. Thanks to Dr Chris’s Rehab Program I am now able to enjoy my normal activities!”

Mrs Nancy T. 51, London



Low Back Pain, Herniated Discs

“After having an MRI on my back, I was diagnosed with having two herniated discs. The pain was like a knife jabbing me in my buttock down to my leg. My whole quality of life changed, not being able to escape the disabling pain. After cortisone epidurals in my spine, my doctor told me that I was facing surgery on my back. Then I found the London Natural Clinic of Konstantin Ivanov with the Intense Spinal Excellence Program and hour from my home.

Today, I am pain free without the surgery and feel like I have a second chance on life.”

Mr Leonid B. 56, London



Swelling of the collar bone

“Dear Konstantin, the swelling of the collar bone of my left shoulder almost disappeared three weeks ago after your second treatment. It happened rapidly in three days.

I could not believe it and kept touching and checking it a few times a day. Only got I relaxed, when X-ray showed that all is clear a week ago. I feel wonderful. I would like you to continue with your helping me.

Please let me know when it is possible to have the next session.

I am looking forward to it.

Thank you very much.”

Mrs. E.S. 55 years old.



Low Back Problem, Sciatica, Knees, Arthritis

“When I first started treatment, the only thing I was sure of was that I could barely walk, sit, or stand. After going through 4 weeks of treatment the pain has slowly gone away. Today I feel that I am 90% better thanks to this unique spine program.”

Mr Garry T. 75, Essex



Chest and Stomach Pain

’Konstantin creates a gentle atmosphere so immediately a meditative mood fills the room. I can’t recommend this experience highly enough. It’s really a revelation.

His treatment encourage the channels to wake up.

Energy literally courses through. You feel connection with your body and mind.’

Mr Sergio O. 59, London


Low Back Problem

“The best results I ever had. I came into this London Natural Clinic in severe pain and stooped over and I walked out standing straight with no pain. I have already recommended a number of people to try this amazing intensive therapy. It’s wonderful.”

Mr Jonathan B. 35, Oxford



Low Back Pain

“Before I came to the London Natural Clinic, I was doubtful due to the fact that other forms of Physical Therapy had failed. But it was totally different. The methods Chris used were new, and his expertise and knowledge of low back pain was very helpful in my recovery. It was a great experience for me and with Chris help at his London Natural Clinic, I was able to make a full recovery, even though I was told by a neurosurgeon that surgery was the only option. I highly recommend Intensive Spinal Excellence Therapy and spinal decompression program. I am grateful for the help in my recovery process.”

Mr Rimas N. 36, Ilford, Essex



Herniated and Degenerative Discs

“Excruciating pain radiated down my left leg to my toes. MRI scans showed deterioration at the L4-L5 and L5-S1 areas. I was doubtful about the sciatic pain in my leg, but I continued on with treatment and after the 7th session I only had a slight twinge occasionally. Since that day on, I am completely free of the pain in my back and my left leg. I jog the same as I used to, I cut the lawn, I’m back without any pain at all, and I’ve got to say that Intensive Spine Therapy was the thing that did it for me. I believe anyone with a herniated or degenerative disc should try the Intense Spinal Excellence program first, before surgery.”

Mr Vasilij G. 55, Essex



Low Back Problem

“I was very pleased with the entire treatment, both before and after. I would highly recommend Intensive Spinal Excellence Therapy to anyone. It was satisfying to receive the care and attention by such a fine professional. Thank you Dr Chris for all your assistance.”

Ms Sandra K. 29, London



Heel Pain

“The Intensive Spinal Excellence Therapy is great, much better and easier than an operation. Operations are always painful and then there is a recuperating period. With the ISET, you are right on your feet. There is no downtime. It is very recommendable; I am able to walk barefoot on the beach.

Thank you.” 

Ms Karina K. 38, London



Neck and Shoulder Problem

“This is my 3rd session with Dr Chris. Each time has been a different reason. He is a miracle worker. First time I physically couldn’t move my hand – when I left I had a fully mobile painless hand. This time my visit is following a bad bike cycling injury to my neck and back. Once again movement has been regained. When it happened I said ‘as soon as I get home I am going to Chris’. Thanks.”
Mr Thomas A. 29, London



Repetitive Strain Injury

“Being a gardener I had repetitive strain injury in my right hand (from pruning with secateurs). The doctors told me that there was no cure only an operation!

Luckily, Chris fixed it in one session three years ago and it has been fine ever since.
Mr Steven N. 45, Essex



Back Pain, Herniated Discs

“I was in pain for 13 years…since I fell down a flight of stairs, two of my vertebras were broken. After a surgery and many types of treatments, I learned to live with my pain. Then I heard about this new Intense Spinal Excellence Therapy that treats herniated discs without surgery. … On about the third treatment I began to feel some relief. After completing 10 treatments, I am able to get up in the morning, get dressed and drive a car with no pain.”

Mrs Evelyna S. 65 years old, Kent



Low Back Pain

“For years, my low back pain prevented me from doing the things I enjoyed in life. Thanks to Dr Chris, I can now go out to watch a movie, go out dancing or do whatever I want without having to have to worry about my low back pain. Thank you for giving me my life back.”

Ms Mary O. 37, London



Headache, Neck Pain

“I am an actor training in boxing, to play the part of a professional boxer. Before the treatment I had back pain neck pain and a headache. The treatment given by Chris made me feel completely renewed. My neck feels loose with no stiffness the headache’s gone and my back has a lot more mobility and feels relaxed.

Thank you so much.”
Mr Anthony A. 36, London



Heart Problem

“I was suffering a lot of pain from my heart, preventing me from doing a lot of things. This was after a hospital visit, and I was making little or no progress towards recovery. After one session with Chris I felt a lot better. Still in some pain but far more able to move in a normal healthy way. Everyone around me at home continually remarked on how much better I was. And now I could exercise normally and enjoy the process. I came back the next week for a session with Chris, totally convinced of the benefits of his Intensive Treatment. Tonight at home I expect to see even bigger smiles from my family.

I’m going to tell all my friends.”
Mr Bill B. 62, London



Herniated, Degenerative Discs and Facet Syndrome

“The Intensive Spinal Excellence Therapy should be the initial treatment for chronic back pain patients suffering from bulging, herniated, degenerative discs, and facet syndrome. I view back surgery as a last resort, and ISET gives patients a more conservative treatment option that can eliminate the need for surgery altogether. ISET is also a treatment option for those patients who have had surgery and have a relapse or experience a return of pain following surgery. With ISET, I have a non -surgical treatment for back pain.”

Dr Bill S, M.D. 44, Acton, London



Low Back Pain, Herniated Disc

“I had epidural steroid injections as well as having surgery suggested. However, after just one week of Intensive Spinal Excellence Therapy (ISET), the excruciating leg pain I was experiencing was gone. After a month of treatment and simple exercises, I was going back to jogging and other activities. This is a real answer to disc- related low back disorder!”

Dr. David K, M.D. 57, West Ealing, London



Frozen Shoulder

“For the past 10 months my shoulder had been excruciatingly painful. An orthopaedic consultant booked me for an operation. But after only 3 treatments from Chris I can now move it freely. It is practically pain free and best of all I’m looking forward to doing some long overdue home decorating!

This feels to be a very safe and friendly place and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Thank you.”
Mr Chris N. 45, Essex



Knees Pain

“Today is my third session with Chris. After the first session three weeks ago I felt more mobile immediately. After the second session I once more was more mobile and agile.

Today I feel improved again. We’ll certainly be coming back for further sessions as the increased mobility is beginning to have a good benefit to all aspects of my life.

PS perhaps I should say that I am 79 years old”
Mrs Cynthia U. 79, Essex



Shoulders Pain, Injury

“Dear All. Dr Chris is a genius. I’ve suffered with bad shoulders for years and after a recent motorbike accident I assumed I would never be able to train again. My friend recommended Chris.

I’ve now repaired and train heavier than ever.

Good job and I’ll recommend your good work and your details forever!”
Mr Andy F. 38, London



Bell’s Palsy

“I suffered with a Bell’s palsy causing a lot of pain on my left side.

After visiting numerous doctors I was recommended to Dr Chris.

Thank God. After a few sessions I was cured.

Many thanks.”
Ms Sarah R. 33, South London



Spinal Problem, Arthritis

“I have had 8 sessions with Chris over 9 weeks – I am a 70 year old lady with arthritis and spinal problems and I felt every day of 70!

Now I feel much more energetic, less depressed and much less like 50!

Life looks good again!

Thank you”
Mrs Francis T. 70, Essex



Headache, Stress

“I have suffered from chronic daily tension headaches for 3 years, and although I have had other treatments, none of them has been as amazing as Chris’s intensive combined therapy today.

For the first time in 3 years, I feel incredible and don’t have a headache.

My body has not felt this alive and rejuvenated for ages and I am so grateful to Chris for bestowing his gift on me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Mrs Olga E. 39, London



Heart Problem, Asthma

“The best thing I found from the treatment is the wonderful tingling that sticks around for a few days after the treatment. That plus the removal of the problem that brought me into the clinic in the first place. The great down-to-earth atmosphere only adds to the very tangible results that I’ve felt after every treatment from Chris.”
Mr Tim K. 61, London



Arthritis, Prostate Problems

“Having suffered for quite a while with various problems, I was pointed in the direction of Dr Chris by a mate of mine who had also had treatment here, and swore by the results he had. I was a bit sceptical, but thought I’d give it a go, as no other treatments had any long lasting effect.

I can honestly say that after a couple of months of treatment, I am fit and have had no re-occurrences.

I can sincerely say that he was fantastic.”
Mr Bob G. 70, Essex



Varicose Veins, Thrombophlebitis

“I have varicose veins and have had major reoccurring problem lately. I was due to have an operation but turned it down. Every time I stand on my leg or even sit for a long period of time I was in major agony! In September last year I took on another job which made the matter a lot worse. In October, the leg was so bad that I couldn’t handle walking on it and I had to wear horrible stockings that didn’t help but made the pain worse on the calves.

I walked in to the clinic and I have responded so well to the point that my bad legs now become good. Bio-electricity combined with ultrasound, massage, bio-lamp and UV treatment plus other tips have absolutely turned this around!

Great treatment – Dr Chris knows his stuff. Thanks!”
Mrs Andre I. 49, London



Indigestion and Stomach Pain

“I came to the clinic today and was met by Chris who made me feel comfortable & relaxed immediately. His treatment was immediately effective and I am leaving very optimistic that he can help a great deal with various health problems”
Ms Anita T. 37, London



Shoulder Injury

“I have a long term shoulder injury (9 years). I’ve had 3 treatments in 3 weeks and the shoulder has significantly improved. I think that with a little more treatment it will remain stable and with no pain. Mrs Bernadette V. 65, London



Knee Pain

“The treatment was amazingly relaxing all my joints feel like they work properly for the first time in ages”.
Mr Dan C. 78, Essex



Back Pain

“Dr Chris mended my back after a bike accident last year, and I am fine since”.
Ms Sylvia M. 27, London



Depression, Heart Problem

“Chris is easily one of the best practitioners I have ever met. He combines a personable yet professional approach with fantastic results to ensure you receive the highest level of treatment. He will aid with physical and energetic issues in a safe and positive environment.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Mr Andrew P. 43, Bournemouth